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Happyness!  Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  is a  premium edible  oil  extracted  from  the  kernel  or  meat  of  mature  coconut  harvested  from the coconut palm.  Virgin  coconut oil  is  a traditional  dietary  stapel of the  people  of Asia,  Africa  and  the  Pacific  Island  and  has  been  used  in  AYURVEDIC  HERBALISM   for  thousands  of  years.  New  HAPPYNESS!  Virgin  Coconut  Oil  is  unrefined  cold pressed  and  does  not  utilize  any  solvents  in the  manufacturing  process. 

Virgin  Coconut  Oil  contains  no  trans fats  and  is  a  rich  source  of  medium chain  fatty acid  such  as  Lauric acid (C12),  Caprylic (C8),  Capric (C10)  and Myristic (C14).  Medium  chain  fatty acid  are  less  likely  to be  stored  in the body  as  fat  than  most  other  fatty acid. 

Happyness! Organic Extra  Virgin Cococnut Oil  is  certified  as per  Indian,  US  &  European Organic Standards, and  FSSAI.

Happyness! Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  is  manufactured by cold-pressed  extraction technique  and is  naturally  fermented  which  retains  the highest  possible  level of natural nutrients  resulting  in  a  pure premium quality oil. 


IDEAL FOR:  Cooking,  Salad Dressing, Flavouring & Baking,  Beauty aid,  Daily Skin moisturizer, Hair oil, baby oil and massage oil.



HAPPYNESS!  Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is  100% NATURALLY FERMENTED, Cold Pressed,  Free of Chemicals &  additives.

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Corpporeal Inc is a manufacturing, trading and marketing company based in Bangalore (India) and specializing in supplying fmcg products such as Cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil, Pure cow ghee, Herbal Hair Oil, Herbal handmade soap..

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